Yuval Rosenberg

Yuval Rosenberg

Yuval Rosenberg oversees all aspects of The Fiscal Times' website and email newsletter, from editorial to audience and business development. Before being named editor in chief, he served as executive editor and business editor. Yuval has also worked at Newsweek, Fortune, Fast Company and WNYC. His writing has appeared in publications including BusinessWeek, CNBC.com, CNNMoney.com, Fast Company, Fortune, Newsweek, Money and Time.

Recent Stories By Yuval Rosenberg:

  • Are Deficit Hawks Dead or Just Playing Possum?September 17, 2018

    “The deficits hawks are dead,” declared Paul Kane, The Washington Post’s senior congressional correspondent and columnist, in a piece over the weekend. It’s easy to see why Kane says that, and there’...

  • Kudlow: ‘I Don’t Buy’ That Tax Cuts Boosted DeficitSeptember 17, 2018

    Larry Kudlow is at it again. Speaking at the Economic Club of New York, the top economic adviser to President Trump said that, while the administration is looking to cut federal spending — including...

  • Why the Markets Aren’t Freaking Out About Soaring US DebtSeptember 14, 2018

    Does the high and rising level of U.S. public debt matter? If so, how concerned should we be? Goldman Sachs asks those questions in a new research piece, noting that the “fiscal outlook for both...

  • Congress Reaches Spending Deal to Avoid Shutdown. Will Trump Go Along?September 13, 2018

    Congressional leaders have struck a bipartisan deal to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month and put off a divisive fight over funding for President Trump’s border wall with Mexico...

  • US Median Income Hits a Record High – Sort OfSeptember 13, 2018

    When is a record not a record? Median household income reached a new nominal high of $61,372 in 2017, up from $60,309 in 2016, the Census Bureau said Wednesday. But the agency also warned that a...

  • ‘Things Are So Much Worse’ – but Does Anyone Care About the Deficit?September 12, 2018

    As we told you yesterday, the Congressional Budget Office estimated this week that the deficit for the first 11 months of fiscal 2018 totaled $895 billion, or $222 billion more than it was over the...

  • Charging Almost $200 for a Bottle of Pills Worth $6September 11, 2018

    Bloomberg’s Robert Langreth, David Ingold and Jackie Gu take a fascinatingly detailed look at the “secret drug pricing system” that generates millions of dollars for pharmacy benefit managers,...

  • Tax Cuts 2.0: What’s in the GOP Plan and Why It MattersSeptember 11, 2018

    With an eye toward November’s midterm elections, House Republicans on Monday unveiled legislation to make permanent the individual tax cuts and pass-through business deductions that were set to...

  • Wages Are Finally Going Up, Sort ofSeptember 7, 2018

    Average hourly earnings last month rose by 2.9 percent from a year earlier, the Labor Department said Friday — the fastest wage growth since the recession ended in 2009. The economy added 201,000...

  • Obama: 'Suddenly Deficits Do Not Matter'September 7, 2018

    Former President Barack Obama stepped back into the political fray on Friday, delivering a blistering rebuke of President Trump and the Republican Party while signaling how he plans to campaign on...

  • SALT in Some GOP Reps’ WoundsSeptember 6, 2018

    The House GOP’s decision to push ahead with Tax Cuts 2.0 comes after a Bloomberg report published Tuesday that said they were “hitting the pause button” to consider the political risks of the package...

  • The Real Price Tag for Republican Tax Cuts 2.0September 6, 2018

    House Republican leaders said Wednesday that they plan on releasing legislation for a second round of tax cuts next week and voting on it this month. House Ways and Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady...

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